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In our premium English courses designed to help you improve your level quickly and easily. Written and spoken!

Over 300 English courses
for all levels:
from beginner to advanced

Welcome to the ISpeakSpokeSpoken website, the solution for making effective progress in English while having fun! Our team is happy to provide you with over 300 lessons and exercises to boost your knowledge of Shakespeare’s language.

Are you new to English? On the other hand, do you already have a good intermediate or advanced level? Every step of the way, you’ll find the right course to maximize your progress.

Our lessons cover all areas of the language: grammar, conjugation, vocabulary, pronunciation… all free of charge!

The largest English learning community on YouTube

ISpeakSpokeSpoken is a community of 500 000 passionate learners, making it one of the most active community on the French-speaking web.

On Instagram, on Facebook, but above all on YouTube, where some 20,000 people watch our video courses every day, you contribute to making ISpeakSpokeSpoken a collaborative and enriching experience. To learn English, with joy and in a good mood!

More than 15, ,000 of you have already taken one of our premium English courses, specially designed by our teams to accelerate your learning of Shakespeare’s language. And you, when will you be joining us ?

All you need to know about English pronunciation

Songs, TV series, movies : our French-speaking ears are bathed in Shakespeare’s language. However, English pronunciation presents a number of difficulties that must be overcome !

In fact, some English sounds simply don’t exist in French, and simply spelling a word isn’t enough to be sure of its pronunciation. Not to mention the famous tonic accent… Or even the intonation of sentences… 

Our mission ? Allow you to make progress both orally and in writing. In our videos, courses and training, we combine phonetics with method, i.e. the way native English speakers pronounce their language. Say bye-bye au French accent ! And FINALLY start speaking English without blocking or penalizing errors!

English conjugation made easy (at last)

In the collective imagination, English conjugation is considered much more accessible than that of other languages such as French or Spanish. There is undoubtedly some truth in this… but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some very real difficulties !

Whether speaking or writing, ISpeakSpokeSpoken provides you with clear and precise resources to conjugate easily and without error, and master all the tenses of the past, present and future(past simple – preterite, present perfect, present continuous, etc.).

Use of modal verbs(cancouldmaymight, etc.), auxiliaries(have, do, be), not forgetting the legendary list of irregular verbs… not to mention the aptly named and indispensable phrasal verbs : it’s high time to start… speaking English with reliable grammar!

Grammar lessons to master the English language

In any foreign language, grammar is rarely a student’s favorite part… Yet understanding this set of rules is vital. Without it, say goodbye to easy understanding of English, and mourn the loss of fluent expression in the official language of the United Kingdom and the United States.

Our goal? Making English grammar accessible. For each rule, you’ll find clear explanations, enriched with examples for better understanding. And always with pronunciation in mind, because grammar should serve your English, not the other way around!

Determiners, adverbs, pronouns, prepositions, syntax and punctuation: get started on your next grammar lesson at !

Over 2,500 words organized into thematic vocabulary cards

Vocabulary is the lifeblood of language learning : without a minimum base, you won’t be able to make yourself understood ! Enriching your lexicon, your everyday words, is therefore a crucial step towards speaking English well.

At ISpeakSpokeSpoken, we abhor long, stodgy vocabulary cards. The ones you learn by heart and forget the next day. All our cards are thematic, and the words, expressions and phrases are categorized for easier recall.

Education, travel, health, family, colors, animals, work, or even greetings: put it all together in one place. Cambridge Dictionary in your head ! But only the vocabulary you need, not the vocabulary you’ll never use. Who needs to know how to say “grind” in English!

Want to know your level? Find out with our English tests (A1 to C2)

Beginner, intermediate, advanced : knowing your level of English will really help you get started. In fact, your results will direct you to the courses and worksheets best suited to your needs, with a measured level of difficulty. For rapid progress in both speaking and writing!

On our website, we enable you toassess your level of English free of charge, according to the official classification established in the European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) : A1, A2 (beginner level), B1, B2 (intermediate level), C1 and C2 (advanced level).

You perform several exercises, lasting a total of 10 to 20 minutes. Phrases to complete, translations to make, synonyms to find: it’s up to you !

Your most frequently asked questions

What is ISpeakSpokeSpoken?

ISpeakSpokeSpoken is first and foremost a YouTube channel launched in 2012, on which you’ll find free access to English lessons to help you learn to speak and understand Shakespeare’s language, in a fun and friendly atmosphere!

Today, it has almost 400,000 subscribers who regularly access videos produced in an educational way, with clear, easy-to-understand explanations and practical English: the kind that English speakers use every day.

ISpeakSpokeSpoken is also a website where you’ll find (again free of charge) explanatory sheets on grammar, conjugation, vocabulary and pronunciation. Our platform also lets you join one of our training courses, and become part of our community of 500,000 English language learners!

Who is Adrien Jourdan?

I’ve had a passion for modern languages since I was a teenager, and completed a degree in foreign languages at the Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Étienne, France, and at the University of Wuppertal in Germany. I also taught FLE (French as a Foreign Language) in Moscow, Russia.

A polyglot with 20 years’ experience of foreign languages, I’m fluent in English, German and Russian, sprinkled with a little Spanish… and even some rudimentary Estonian!

I’ve been teaching English for 8 years. To find out more about my method and see if you like it, visit the ISpeakSpokeSpoken YouTube channel! Find out more about Adrien.

Who can benefit from ISpeakSpokeSpoken English courses?

Our English lessons are designed for anyone who wants to become fluent in and understand Shakespeare’s language: quite simply! Our learning method is designed to suit all profiles, from high school students revising for the baccalauréat to retired people who have taken up the hobby.

Would your child or pre-teen like to take advantage of our resources? We recommend that you accompany him in this process. From the age of 12, they can do their own thing on our website, by watching our YouTube channel or by taking one of our many training courses!

Would you like to improve your English for personal or professional reasons? In either case, welcome to our community!

Am I too old to learn English?

Wonderful as it is, the human brain is made that way: the older we get, the slower we learn. However, my experience as a trainer has shown me that there’s no age limit for learning English again – or at all!

Much more than age, the real obstacles to effective learning are :

  • unsuitable methods
  • irregularity in your work as a learner

Whatever your age, don’t underestimate the progress you can make in the long or medium term if you work with a trainer who suits you and, above all, if you enjoy learning. Your neurons will thank you!

Can you learn English on your own?

Do you have a dictionary, an Internet connection and some motivation? Then you can work on your English from the comfort of your living room! But beware: learning on your own also has its limits, and you’ll find it hard to get beyond the pre-intermediate or intermediate level without actually practicing the language.

Once you’ve acquired the rudiments of English, look for a pen-pal to practice with:

  • either online
  • either physically

Only by working together (or with others) can you boost your level!

Here are our top 3 tips for learning English on your own:

  1. Take online English courses and training. For example, on ISpeakSpokeSpoken, we offer hundreds of free resources (lessons, exercises, videos, guides) as well as themed training courses. There are also many apps for daily revision.
  2. Practice English as much as possible. To improve your comprehension and pronunciation: listen to music and podcasts, watch films and series, read books and articles in English. It’s the best way to immerse yourself in the language.
  3. Find a conversation partner. It could be a friend, a family member or a meeting on a language exchange platform. Talking in English will help you improve your pronunciation and fluency.

By following these tips and being persistent, you should be able to make effective progress in your English learning.

Why can’t I learn English?

Starting to learn a new language may seem difficult, but with the right method, you’ll make rapid progress. Here are the 6 main obstacles you may encounter during your apprenticeship:

  1. Lack of regularity: memory works through repetition. To learn English, you’ll need to be regular. Ideally, you should plan at least 4 English sessions per week.
  2. Lack of structure: without a clear study plan, you can quickly get lost in the learning process. The best solution is to take a course or work with a teacher.
  3. Lack of practice: going abroad, joining a group of learners or finding an online pen-pal are excellent ways of practicing the language.
  4. Lack of confidence: your difficulty in speaking English may be caused by stress. If you suffer from shyness or low self-confidence, learn some phrases and practice in front of a mirror.
  5. Lack of time: ideally, you should devote at least 30 minutes a day to learning English.
  6. Lack of motivation: set yourself a specific, achievable goal that will motivate you to take the time to study every day.

Where to start learning English on this site?

Firstly, we recommend that you determine your level of English with our free tests. Then, depending on your level, you should select the resources that interest you most or that you need to progress.

You will find all our courses, lessons, guides and exercises classified by theme and level on these pages:

In what order should I watch the videos on the YouTube channel?

The teaching resources we publish on YouTube cover all aspects of learning English: pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and conjugation. However, the lessons are not published in any specific order.

The aim is for you to be able to draw on the necessary resources according to your needs and level. The easiest way to find videos organized by theme or level is to take a look at our playlists.

How do I connect to the training courses or the Academy?

To access your English courses or the Academy, please log in by clicking here.

What’s the difference between free courses and ISpeakSpoken training?

At ISpeakSpokeSpoken, you’ll find everything you need to learn to speak English:

Here is a summary of the differences between our open-access content and our training programs:

  • All our training programs follow a precise plan and have an increasing level of difficulty.
  • The videos follow each other in ascending order of difficulty, whatever the training program (which is not the case on YouTube, where you move from one topic to another, without any “logical” progression).
  • You can download all courses in video, audio or even PDF format.
  • For the vast majority of lessons, you’ll find several exercises to test what you’ve learned in the course (correction included).
  • For each word – phrase – sentence, you’ll benefit from the pronunciation of a native speaker (essential for good speaking).
  • Last but not least, you benefit from individual follow-up. If you have a question, you can ask it under the lesson and I’ll answer it within the day.


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