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❮❮ Whatever your age, experience and level of English, you can master English. If you have the right path, the necessary guidance and a motivating trainer.
To enjoy and learn, practice regularly. ❯❯

That’s our raison d’être,
that’s why

To enable French speakers to speak Shakespeare’s language properly. Without being “afraid” of your accent, without having speaking difficulties, without constantly questioning the quality of your English.

Whether you need it at the hotel, on a trip, to communicate with friends and family (a special thanks to all grandparents with English-speaking grandchildren), for study, work or pleasure…

ISpeakSpokeSpoken has been based in Saint-Etienne (Loire), France, since its inception. The team, whose biographies you can read on this page, is based in France, Switzerland, Ireland and Estonia.


A passionate team
to help you improve your English


Director, manager and
course designer

My favorite word in English: ombudsman /ˈɑːm.bədz.mən/) which means mediator and comes straight from Scandinavia.

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Marketing manager,
content and website

When I first started learning English, I was stuck on the word throughout. So, for 2 years, I used it almost every day. Mischievous pronunciation and spelling, this word has everything to displease, so I accepted the challenge. And now it brings back fond memories!

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Teacher and course creator
for the website and training courses

My favorite word in English is FLABBERGASTED! Not that it describes my state of mind, but rather that it has enabled me to win numerous hangman’s games in the UK!

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Editor and creator of
content for the website and

social networks

I love the word “maelstrom” but the definition(a situation in which there is great confusion, violence, and destruction) isn’t very nice for a site that claims to be benevolent… So for me, you can use “odyssey”, which I really like the sound, spelling and meaning.

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It all begins
in 2014

That’s why in 2014, we created ISpeakSpokeSpoken, and in 2016, we started regularly publishing concrete, educational courses several times a week on YouTube and on this website.

In 2021, we passed the milestone of 10,000 members of our training programs, and began recommending CPF training courses provided by our partner that same year.

Today, ISpeakSpokeSpoken is …

One of the most important French-speaking communities for learning English.

1500 video lessons

freely available on YouTube.

from  hundreds of articles

pages and memo cards to help you learn English fast.

25,000 learners

who take our courses every day. Whether on this site, YouTube or social networks.

+ 12,000 learners

who have trained at ISpeakSpokeSpoken since 2017.

hundreds of members

of the community who have integrated a CPF training course with our partner.

What does the community think?

The training videos are beautifully constructed. The courses are detailed, clear and precise. Adrien’s diction is clear and understandable. I’ve been learning a lot since I discovered ISpeakSpokeSpoken. Thanks to the speakers.

– Charles

I’ve been relearning English with Adrien for two years now, with the aim of moving abroad. And it’s thanks to him that I’m now at ease in my new country, Sri Lanka. Hats off to Adrien! Thanks to your team too!

– Marie

It’s been a year since I started learning English again, and I’ve found everything I need on the website and Youtube channel. Adrien is a good teacher, he is very pedagogical and gives good advice, he is present when necessary. Everyone proceeds at their own pace.

– Christine